Morgan's Journey

Monday, December 03, 2007


We went on a little trip yesterday...I wasn't sure where we were going, but then we got there and I remembered playing with other dogs there. It was a fun place, with toys and food and treats and more toys...and dogs! But then, we went into the place where I usually play and there was this big person all in red. I have no idea what mom was thinking -- and dad went along with it! I can't imagine! All of a sudden they were telling me that I would have my picture with Santa. Now, I like pictures, but I don't know why I want one with Santa or who Santa is...I vaguely remember this from last year, but I didn't really like it then either.

Anyway, the picture is pretty good, I guess...although there was something funny about Santa's face...the hair didn't stay on or something. Who knows what these crazy humans are doing...

Monday, November 12, 2007

The week they all went away

Mom hasn't let me type in a long time...months, I think. But this week, she left and after being gone forever, then Dad left. I thought I had the place to myself for the weekend, but then Auntie Tara came over. I was a little disappointed at first, but we had a great time! And she took me to the beach! I really like the beach! And there were these other two dogs who thought they could boss me around, but that didn't happen! Very quickly, they understood.

During one of our walks on the beach, there was another dog with my name! I couldn't believe it. It was kind of cool to meet another Morgan, but of course, I was still the boss.

Monday, October 15, 2007

My first beach trip

One week, grandpapa was here and then we all got in the car...and after driving forever (and it seemed like we were stopped a lot), we went to this place with some brown stuff. I think mom called it sand. I liked it. There were also these pokey things in the sand, and those were not good! After walking around in the sand and getting pokey things on me, we went to this house and I got to run around. It was fun! We also saw grandpapa's sister...I guess I call her Aunt Carol. After sleeping awhile, we got up and stayed around the house for awhile. Then we all got in the car again and went to a bigger place with sand. I got to run around without my leash and it was SO FUN! I met two big dogs and we ran around a long time before mom made me stop. I guess they were playing too rough for me. It was a really fun time, though!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Who is this PUPPY!?!?

Well - Dad and I were having a grand old time in the grass...and Mom wasn't around. Then all of a sudden this lady comes up and it turned out to be Mom. BUT - she had something with her - in MY bag for the airplane. After a couple seconds of saying hi to me, she opened the bag and this little white furrball came out. I have no idea what she was thinking. She said something about it being a puppy for me to play with...but I'm fine with Mom and Dad. I don't know what possessed her to think I need a puppy. I'm not even sure I know what puppies do since I'm not a puppy. I mean - sometimes they call me a puppy, but I'm a human just like them. I just look a little different and don't talk the same way.

So he's been here two nights now. I thought he was okay a couple times and tried to play, but he just rolled over with his belly up. I took the opportunity to sniff him then and he smells sort of familiar, but I don't know. He needs to learn the rules to my games. It might be kind of fun to play with him when he learns the rules. He does seem content to let me rule the house, so that's a good sign. The only time I get upset with him is when he tries to take a treat out of my mouth. I think Mom needs to make sure he's far away when I have food.

Our first breakfast together (pictured here) was strange. He eats different food. I wanted to try his, and he seemed to like mine. We were fine to just switch, but Mom had to come and mix our food together. She tried putting it in a big bowl and letting both of us eat, but his head is too big. So she put it in two bowls. Much better. I sort of like his food.

Today we played sock tug of war. I won, of course, but it was fun. I think he's pretty spunky, so I think we'll get along fine eventually. I'm still not sure what Mom was thinking, though.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Morgan's new do

It's been a long time since Mom has let me use the computer. Too much skool or something. Ugh. I don't know how to spell it...but it's this thing that makes her sit at the computer for hours on end. But today, she finished and took me to a fancy dog store. The store was really cool, but then she put me in this metal sink thing and got me all wet! And then rubbed some stuff and sprayed me and rubbed some more stuff and sprayed some more. Then came that comb thing that pulls my hair and the loud thing that is like big wind, but it's inside. Then she messed around with these pointy things near my hands and feet and my head. After all kinds of torture, she finally stopped and gave me all kinds of kisses and hugs and told me I looked pretty.

Then - the best part - I got a new toy. Something about my birthday. I don't know what a birthday is, but I got to pick it out and everything, so it's good as far as I can tell! Of course, I had to see how the thing made noise, so I ripped it open and got those little balls out...He doesn't make noise anymore. Mom seems kind of upset about that, but I think it's fine.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

A new sweater!

Morgan's grandmama really does spoil her... She got a pretty pink sweater in the mail today. Here's what Morgan had to say:
I really like this new sweater because I don't have to put my arms through any crazy holes. I'm still not crazy about it going over my head, but Mom is pretty nice to me and gives me treats after I get it on. This new sweater also has such a pretty pink ribbon. I really like it! Thanks, Grandmama!! (Thanks, Mom, for typing for me.)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Morgan in the storm

We woke up on Valentine's Day to quite the snow...Not a lot of accumulation, but snow on the ground with sleet still coming down. At 6 am, it was a lot of fun for Morgan - clean, unexplored snow!

The only bad thing is that it was pretty windy, and so we had to try all the exits from the building before Morgan was convinced that the weather was the same on all sides! And each time, she couldn't wait to get back inside!

After the walk, she really did look a little frazzled. :)